The Clinical Team oversees Fraser River Counselling operations, including practicums, supervision, facilities, and intakes.  They aim to ensure that Fraser River Counselling meets your needs and delivers quality counselling.  The team is comprised of the following members: 

Meet our clinical supervision team

Dr. Bart Begalka, Ed.D, RCC


Director of Fraser River Counselling

Amy Glazema, MA, CCC


Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Krista Socholotiuk, R. Psych.


Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Rick Bradshaw, R.Psych.


Clinical Coordinator

 The clinical team chooses Registered Clinical Counsellors from the surrounding community to serve as supervisors for the counsellors-in-training.  Fraser River Counselling also employs a graduate student as the intake worker, who answers general inquiries, conducts intakes, manages the wait list, and allocates clients to practicum teams.